Monday, May 4, 2009

Stairway to Heaven (Loretto Academy StairCase)

See chapter of Turn the Hearts of the Children II by same name for more details)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The star is just a reflection in the glass of the original portrait, framed and held in a private collection by Auntie Lola for nearly 100 years. Then the photo of the portrait was taken and copies were made available to all of us through the high tech of the 70's. Now available to all the world, I present to you, The Triplets. Mother pointed out that the names are amazing, the two that died are "of the kings" and "of the angels," while our grandmother who lived, bore a mighty legacy and died so very young was named, Maria Clara. Clara the beautiful, Clara the heir to the Mayan throne, daughter of Spanish immigrants, grandmother to multitudes. Her decendants will be as Sarah's, as numerous as the sands of the seas or the stars of the heavens.

Thank you grandmother Clara, for living, for giving birth to our mothers, for loving us and passing on your resiliant genes.

We love you, we praise your name and your memory. Oh, never let her memory die
LoLyn, your youngest grand daughter, mother of 7 of your great grandchildren, 12 of your great great grand children

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kith and Kin April 2009

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Under "Spaniards and Conquistadoras"Clara Jo and her son Jerome have written essays that I have scanned into the blog about the under representation of our Spanish contributions in United States History.

Harwood in the 1930's

Harwood+MEthodist+Acadamy+Albuquerque 1932-1935

That's my MOM!, Your Grandma Lucy, or Aunt Lucy, what ever the case may be. Lucy Baca in high school at HArwood Methodist Academy Albuquerque New Mexico.

other Baca Photos of that generation

Tony Baca was not on our "Baca Line" but he was a close friend to my parents in Concho Arizona. We grew up with his children, and kept contact even as adults; his son Toni used to be my hair stylest in Holbrook Arizona in my thirties. His daughters were my brothers' ages June and Paula. Marie and I had dolls named after them when we were in early elementary school.

That's my mother's grandfather. I do not think I would argue with him even if I were manic. His family group sheet and pedigree sheet are included in the Ancestors or genealogy blogs under his name.

NG Baca and the infamous wicked step mother